Buddy System Version 2

Hi every one!

If you are not already aware, I've been devloging the changes for Buddy System here. Check it out if you haven't yet.


  • Battery does not get stuck on walls or player
  • Battery does not break on conveyor belts
  • Buttons correctly open/close door depending if any of the buttons are being pressed


  • New Models/Animations:
    • Robots (still working on the texture)
    • Buttons
    • Doors
    • Goal Tiles
  • Code redone for:
    • Robots
    • Buttons
    • Doors
    • Goal Tiles
    • Conveyor Belt


  • Battery leaves a short trail to better see its trajectory
  • Robots play win/lose animations


  • Level 1 has been removed as it is too similar to level 2. Game now starts from level 2

Though I am not done with the changes yet as I still need to update/fix:

  • Graphics: walls / crates
  • Edit level design / add more
  • Sounds / Effects
  • Lighting

I wanted to release a patch to the previously mentioned bugs as well as try out the new models/animations I am working with. Though I am calling this version 2 is more like Version 2 beta. 

Thanks for playing and feel free to give us any feedback.


BuddySystem_PC_v2.0.0.zip 33 MB
Dec 06, 2020
BuddySystem_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Dec 06, 2020

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