Development Update & Feedback Request

Hi everyone,

We want to thank you all again for taking the time to play our game and comment positively on it. We didn't anticipate this game getting  as much attention as it has in almost a year now and we want to spend time working on it to fix the bugs and improve the experience.

Our goal is to spend the next month working out the kinks and adding the missing features that would make this game a more enjoyable experience and we would like your feedback on:

  • Major pain points (please fix these)
  • Things you want to see more of (nice to have)
  • Things you can do without (these do not make the game more enjoyable)

Our current roadmap includes the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Battery can get stuck in walls
  • Battery collides/breaks too quickly
  • Battery can break while riding the conveyor belt
  • Make interaction with buttons/switches more responsive
  • Better Sound/Music mixing (nicer volume configurations)
  • Ensure buttons can only be interacted by one robot at a time


  • A hint system that indicates where the battery will head to when launched
    • This may include previewing the angle at which it will first bounce
  • Desktop version is missing an "exit" game feature
  • Better volume controls
  • Better menus to navigate levels
    • This might include an option to play any level without having to complete the previous level first
  • Re-validate the difficulty curve 
    • This might include removing/adding levels and/or swapping their order

Nice to have

  • Mobile version
  • A "cancel" throw option that allows you to reset your throw if it was not what you expected
    • This might be limited per level such as only up to -N- number of times per level
    • Additionally, this may only be available as long as the battery has not shattered

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