Minor Update v1.1.0

This release changes the following:

  1. Updates walls and crates collisions to help guide the batteries angle and reduce the changes of getting stuck
    1. However, the WebGL version still encounters a version of this when shooting at a wall/crate from very close range
  2. Fixes bug on level 12 where conveyor belt does not carry the robot far enough to hit the switch
  3. Changes the goal tile's win zone to better detect the player
  4. Adds text on the Main Menu to indicate "ESC" summons the pause menu 
  5. Adds an "Exit Game" feature for the PC version 
    1. ESC from the Main Menu
    2. ESC -> Exit game from Pause Menu
  6. WebGL has the option for full screen but we performance may vary

Expect more changes to come and enhancements to performances to help address some of these issues.


BuddySystem_PC.zip 26 MB
Mar 28, 2020
BuddySystem_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Mar 28, 2020

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Cool! I just replayed this, remembered being stuck for ages on one level the first time through, this time it was more enjoyable :) Any chance of adding more levels in future?


Thanks for replaying mungodude. Our goal is to work more levels into the game and we are actively reviewing how we might accomplish this.