Your kingdom is being invaded by a herd of Orcs and is it up to your trusty Knight and his team of an Archer an a Mage to put a end to this madness.

ForgeKnight borrow elements from RPG, Tower Defense, and Clicker games in that you waves of enemies in incremental difficulty that your party automatically attacks and you simply manage their levels to have enough power to defeat them before they defeat you.

This my entry for the LudumDare43 jam where the theme was "Sacrifices must be made" and I chose to implement that by having to sacrifice EXP to earn more as well as to revive your fallen Knight.

How to play:

  • Keep an eye on your EXP
  • Level your units by clicking on their icon when you have enough EXP
  • Sacrifice some EXP to earn more EXP from defeated enemies
  • If you lose, you must sacrifice EXP to continue or be force to


  • Everything: Mouse Clicks
  • Quit: ESC (PC only)

Our Team:

  • Programmer: Nelson

Assets Resources From:


ForgeKnight PC: Jam version 18 MB
ForgeKnight PC: Post Jam 18 MB

Install instructions

  • Down .zip file
  • Unzip the fiile
  • Run .exe
  • Warning will be thrown about untrusted publisher
    • click accept to load the game

Development log