Extra Credits Game Jam #4


The first thing that came to mind was a "connect the dots" like game where you control a ninja in the shape of a dot that uses a grappling hook to connect with dots on the walls to escape the room. Dot Ninja is the result of that idea.

How To Play

  1. Dot Ninja was designed with mobile in mind 
  2. Everything is controlled using the mouse. 
  3. Click on a target or the door to create connections
  4. Click on the player to reset all connections
  5. Click on a target that is not the last one to remove all connections after it
  6. Collect the keys and reach the door to win
    • This is your cursor
    • Click on targets on the wall or the door to connect to them
    • Connect to target
    • Remove all connections after this one
    • Trigger movement

Mobile User:
The cursor icon are not present but the functionality is still the same

Install instructions

  • Download the .zip file
  • Extract the content
  • Run DotNinja.exe
  • May have to accept untrusted publisher message to run


Post Jam PC Version 25 MB
Post Jam Android Version 24 MB
PC: Jam Version 24 MB

Development log


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This game is great and simple, the mechanics are lovely and the sound effects continued to make me laugh the entire time :D

thank you, I appreciate it. :)

I've always had a weakness for games with grappling hooks! Nice work! The combos are fun to make! Good work!


:) Thank you! and thanks for playing :D

Very solid gameplay! Sounds are eeeh, but otherwise good stuff!


Lol! Thank you for your honesty and for playing! :D

This is a really great execution of an awesome idea! The grappling mechanic is really satisfying and the game feels very polished overall. I can't think of any complaints with the game, but I do think a result screen that rates you based on how many shots you used in the level would be a great addition.

Thank you for playing and the nice comment. Those are on our to do list :)

Very nicely done! I quite enjoyed playing this game. The difficulty ramp and the introduction of new elements was stop on. I would have liked to have a way on "undo" a link. Sometimes I realised I did a mistake but had to "die" in order to redo the whole path. I think this is the perfect kind of game for mobile. Counting the number of shots or the time it takes to get those shiny 3 stars per level. Great job!

Thanks for playing ! You can click on the player to reset all links or you can click on a previous link, not the last one, to reset your connections to that last target. Sorry this was not made clear (I know some sort of quick image to show this is possible helps and we didn't think of adding it until now).  Our goal is to update the current mobile port to optimize it and we did have all the assets to add starts and so forth but did not get a chance to. Expect that to come in a post jam version. :D