Post Jam Updates

During the jam I failed to properly convey how the theme was used so this released adds more visual representations on how the "Roll of the Dice" theme was used as well as some other minor fixes/improvements. I'm still actively working on this game and will post more update soon as they are ready:


  • Fixes bug where player could play out of turn


  • Increase card size
  • Updated board layout to support wide screen
  • Animates enemy selecting card
  • Updates animation speed to allow for more reaction time
  • Speeds up evolution and battles when working with larger numbers
  • Ensures all directions are represented in arrows
  • Adds visual dice rolls to show how attack and defense is calculated
  • Adds point bonuses for card capture combos
  • Adds more balancing for stats, points, and evolutions
  • Adds exit button for mobile and desktop
  • Adds stats bracket based on evolution level so that the stronger "looking" cards are 

Also added a PC version and soon will upload the Android version

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Jul 26, 2022

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