You are the last dropship available to pick up remaining survivors to take them to rescue rocket. Dodge obstacles and collect as many survivors as you can to save them from being stranded on this weird cylindrical planet .


  • A/D or Left/Right Arrows: Rotate around the planet
  • SPACE: speed up (release to slow down to normal speed)

Assets Used:

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorProdigalSon Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Rotation, Runner, Space, Unity


Download 40 MB
Download 43 MB

Install instructions

  • Download Zip
  • Extract All
  • Run the .exe executable
  • Might have to tell your OS "it is safe to run"

Development log


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Solid game! A very nice take on the 'rotation' theme. Nice controls, visuals, and sfx/music. I think it has lots of potential