You take control of a robot that you've hacked to navigate around puzzles using stealth to avoid being detected. Do you have the wits and maneuverability to beat this game? 


You’ve been hired by a government agency to recover stolen research documents kept in an automated facility. Luckily for you you are an talented hacker. Locating and recovering these files should be a breeze


  • Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Press E to hack: or click on the ui button
  • Hacking
    • (Alpha 1) Doors 
    • (Alpha 2) Cameras 
    • or you can click on ui buttons
  • [v2 Only] Menu: ESC


  • Lead Programmer: Nelson L
  • Programmer: Travis S.
  • Audio and Music: Jesse P
  • Modeler and Animator: Chevy T and André
  • Level Design and Graphics: Michael P

Developer's Note:
HTML version is now v2 which is a more polished version.
Strongly recommend to play in full screen mode for the WebGL. 
P.C. version for the Jam flavor does not have in-game menu. We recommend playing in windowed mode to be able to close the app.

Install instructions

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip the archive
  • Run the .exe (which may prompt you to "trust" because we are an unknown publisher)


Sneaky Bot v2.0 63 MB
Sneaky Bot (Jam Version) 61 MB

Development log


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This was really fun! That last countdown was so thrilling, too!

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Thank you for the comment and for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. :)