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I really like the concept! It was super fun especially when I could get my combos off, although I think having slightly more time to select the next card to combo would be nice.

I also really like the card designs and sound effects ('Nani?' XD)

The game feels pretty polished and smooth. Awesome work!!

Edit: new favourite sound effect - "ULTRAAAAAA!"


Thanks for playing! I do have a roadmap where I want to add settings one of which allows the player to choose the battle speed so that you can increase how much time you have to create combos.  :D 


i already tried this game, and this is AWESOME!

and i want to write my impression:

what i like is

1. this game has sound effect and music

and i'm a bit surprised you choose a fight music XD

2. sound effect is good, not make me feel dizzy :D

and when i choose the wrong combo, game automatically reject the combo, so it will minimize the error

3. and ussualy, i don't really like Unity game because it's slow on my computer (yes, my leptop is potato XD)

but this game works fine, and i like it!

4. i laugh because Nani sfx XD

and my feedback is:

1. add main menu!

2. add tutorial inside game. because it's will make the game easy to understand

3. add Credits too! so people know who make it :D

4. and add fullscreen option

other than that, this game is really good. i never think this idea before and i'm glad someone make this game

thank you and keep creating!

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thanks for playing and for your comments and feedback  😀 I have other projects in the work but I do have plans to update this one. It's in my backlog. Credits are currently on the page


you know, i interested in this game. i will play it! :D

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Hi Kard Kardus, if you are still interested, I just uploaded a new version of this game. It is still in Alpha so some of the features are missing but graphics and gameplay have been uplifted. Thanks again for playing :D