Thank you for playing my game!

I want to start by first saying "Thank you!" to everyone that has played, rated, and commented on my game. I will be making time to play, rate, and comment yours as well.  I wanted to take time to address some common things I've seen in the comments using this format as it makes it easier and makes it accessible to anyone else that might be interested in the topics.

Theme Interpretation:

 I completely understand where  the comments about the theme feeling "tacked on" or "last minute" are coming from. I did first come up with the concept of having to "rewind" yourself in order to be able to move and I did want to have a mechanic of throwing and recalling something from the start of the jam. 

For example, I  thought about making the winding key be what you throw into other things to "rewind" them in order to progress. Another take, or in addition to, was to control the speed and length that the battery travels by the amount of wind-ups you used. However,  I ultimately chose  to spend my efforts ensuring that the throwing and recalling felt good which narrowed down the rewind mechanic to simply rewinding the player. 

I thought about only allowing you to rewind once you were powered down to make it function like a "timer" to solve the puzzle since not catching the battery causes it to break and you have to re-charge it but I was concerned it would become too stressful and that was not the intent for this game. I wanted to make it feel good and fun just to throw and recall the battery while making the "rewind" mechanic be more of a "funny" thing especially with the power down/up animations and sound effects.

Something's is missing

The best way I could answer this one is that I truly wanted to focus on making a prototype, rather than multiple ideas to make a more "ful" experience, to see if it was fun just to throw and recall the battery (I like how some call it a shield because I do want to eventually turn it into a shield).  Also, this was the first time I had to really think about level design and progression since I usually have someone else focused on those things while I program. It was definitely a learning experience and I thank you for giving me feedback as to where to focus next. 

Stuck on Sector 4

I think this is a result of what I will call "2am programming" (though it was more like 12am). A friend who play tested the game let me know that sector 3 and sector 4 could be solved the same way so I decided to make sector 4 "deceptively harder" . If you move far enough to the right and aim to the left you can hit the button without issues. A similar thing can be done for charging the battery but from the left side. :D Honestly, I aimed to have multiple ways to solve the puzzle so that you could express yourself but in the process I realize after submission that I had accidentally created a layout that screams "SOLVE IT THIS WAY" when it reality it is not the only way. :D

Get Rewind Err

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