Join together with your robot buddies to create an electrical current to power on the sleeping bot. Move them around and build specific shapes to achieve your goal.

1. Moving next to a buddy bot will attach it to you.
2. If one of the bots you are attached to touches another bot, they will also be added to your chain.
3. If an attached bot can not move with you, it will be left behind, along with any bots connected to it.
4. To win, create a chain of bots (including yourself) from the power source to the sleeping bot.
5. Getting stuck? Use R to restart or E to skip the level.

Bot Types:

Player Bot: Controlled by you to move around and manipulate Buddy Bots.

Buddy Bot: Attaches to the player and can be moved around.

Power Bot: Sends an electrical current through any chain of bots attached to it.

Sleeping Bot: Powers on while receiving electrical current from Power Bot.

Programming: Nelson L.
Graphic / Level Design: Michael P.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsProdigalSon Games, Drums
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Cute, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Relaxing, Robots, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless


Download 28 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the .zip folder
  • Unzip the .zip folder
  • Run the .exe 
  • Might have to "trust anyway" to run the game when prompted by Windows

Development log


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Nice game indeed! But there is a bug where if the BuddyBots disconnect from the PlayerBot while connected to current, it will stay green.


woa, whoopsies. Thanks for letting us know and thanks for playing. :)


This has been fixed. Thanks again for bringing this up to us.




I had so much fun with this game and I loved the art style. I just wish there were more levels!

(thought I would copy paste my comment from the game jam submission page to here)


No worries and thank you for playing. :)


what a great game, loved it. Great art work, and it was really impressive how the concept of joining together was so well explained. you are getting a good rating. My only criticism would be, not enough jason mamoa, but apart from that, great stuff.


I agree. There is never enough Jason Momoa. Thanks for playing :)


really fun concept! the art is also amazing for such a short timespan!


Thank you and thanks for playing :)