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Found a bug

On level 6 when the robots are right beside each other, shooting the battery from one robot to the other doesn't work (battery gets frozen). I think it has to do with how close the robots are (similar to battery stuck on the wall bug). I am playing on the WebGL version. Can be fixed by restarting the level.

thanks for letting us know. I'll add it to the list of things to fix. Thanks for playing  :)

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Quick, fun, easy gameplay. The listed bugs were very straightforeward, helped a lot!

Thanks for playing :)

Great game. One of the few puzzle games I've enjoyed.

Thank you. Thanks for playing.

ha. i beat it

Nicely done :)

This is such a great game, I've played it multiple times and if you need help with the levels check out my game play for clues.

Thank you for playing it multiple times and for making a gameplay video! We are working on improving the game so we'll be sure to use your video as feedback

how do i exit the game not the level i had to use task manager

Sorry you had to use that method. Normally, we have an exit from the level to the main menu and another exit from the menu out of the game. Considering we had 48hrs to make the game we might have missed it since we focused on the browser version more.

I'll make sure to ensure this if this is the case on the next update. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

Great game with a very good idea and a good text free tutorial. Only issue was that for me the difficulty curve was too flat. I never had to ponder over any level and finished the game very quickly. Would really like to see more levels with tougher puzzles.


A really cool game, it reminds me a bit of Portal

Interesting comparison and I can see now how using two robots to solve puzzles while having to use physics to control them can draw similarities. :D Thanks for playing :D


Game design note: It's really frustrating to <i>almost</i> finish a puzzle, only to screw up the last throw and have to redo the whole thing. Especially with the longer puzzles. Is there some way you could undo the last throw in that kind of scenario, so you only have to redo one click instead of a whole level?


That's an interesting mechanic that we had not considered. We can experiment with some sort of checkpoint or redo mechanic and see how that fits the rest of the game. Perhaps this won't be much of an issue once we add a "preview path" mechanic which will help have a better understanding of where the shot's trajectory.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback. :)

I really like the preview mechanic idea. I was just about to suggest it.

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It looks like you guys already know of the bugs present in the game. I have another one: the purple buttons switch state whenever a robot enters/exits its trigger, however this should not happen when there's already a robot on the button. I discovered this bug in level 7 and it seems like this is only a problem in that level.

I managed to finish all of the levels and there were a lot of well designed puzzles. However, the bugs are a big issue and really decrease my enjoyment of the game. Something else I found, was that the artstyle is kind of inconsistent. Also, the wall bouncing is quite difficult; perhaps there can be a line showing what the trajectory will be.


Hi Mika. Thank you for playing and for your feedback. Your observations are of great value as we continue to improve on the game and work towards releasing an improved more polished version in the future. Hope you will come back then and give it another try. Thank you again :)

Great job!

thanks :)


This is probably the best match for this jams theme, This should be in Mark's video.

Thanks. Most appreciated  :)


As you may have heard, the 7th game by indie developer, ProdigalSon has arrived and I couldn't be happier. Buddy System might seem simple on the surface, but it's not afraid to let robots drop their one remaining battery into a pit forever or throw it at a wall to shatter, leaving these sentient machines in a persistent state of limbo, until god knows when somebody will come save them. Where are these robots? Why are they alone? How long will this battery last? If you drop the battery and the level resets, are you in doing so, creating multiple parallel universes of your failings, where robot after robot with unalienable rights just like their human brethren will sit motionless, incapable of rich, inner experiences, deprived of all joy. With not a single thought in their cybernetic matrix. Unable to even ponder if it had not been better had they never existed at all. Just sitting there like a husk until the end of time?

Any experienced gamer will pick up the mechanics of the wall plates. My main struggle was figuring out which part of the walls I should hurl the battery towards. Though, I would attribute this difficulty to the fact that I was never very good a billiards. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I hurled a battery and it happened to come into contact with a conveyor belt by accident and moved exactly where I had wanted it to go. I had expected the conveyor to move the robot, but not the battery due to the normal trajectory.

Buddy System can be deeply satisfying and frustrating. It's thrilling when you complete a level and everything falls in to place neatly. There were a few levels where I couldn't get the wall bounce quite right and robot after robot was sacrificed to the ProdigalSon multiverse. All in all it was a great game. Keep up the good work!


Oh, you :)