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In this Pokémon / Tetra Master inspired card battler, you collect, trade, and battle with tokens in turn-based matches. Customize your party and plan your moves strategically to win over your opponents, and lift the curse that has corrupted the inhabitants of Hex Island.

Use your arrows to capture the opponent's tokens and convert them into your color. The player with the most tokens in their color at the end of the match wins.

When arrows connect, a battle is triggered and dice are rolled. Battles may add risk, but allow for additional captures through combos. Element types are vital to your success, and will provide an attack boost when used against weaker elements.

Keep an eye out for obstacles on the board that can be used to your advantage.

  • Walls can be used to protect you from being captured.
  • Field Elements that match your element type will temporarily level up your token, and may cause it to transform into a stronger version.
  • Bombs will convert all adjacent tokens into the opposite color when triggered.

Grow your collection of tokens by looting your opponent after a victory, opening booster packs, and completing achievements.

Tokens come in a variety of designs, elements, levels, abilities, and arrow compositions, allowing you to create a unique party that best fits your playstyle


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Hex Master doesn't mess around! 5/5


None shall pass! Except for the ones worthy ;) thanks for playing :D