The world is unstable, and God is sending a flood to destroy it. 
You have been commanded to gather pairs of animals and deliver them to the Ark.

Known Issues:

- Sometimes the game freezes while transitioning


  • LMB - Place/Remove path
    • Click and Hold to continuously draw a path
    • Click and hold to draw over an existing path and create a CROSS section
  • Shortcuts (Available in game)
    • Space - Start/Stop the scene
    • E - Fast forward (Speeds up the scene)
    • R - Remove all (Removes the paths of everyone)


  • Click on a person to build their path.
  • Place a path next to an animal for the person to pick it up.
  • Each person must gather and deliver a pair of animals onto the ark.
  • Straight paths can be crossed over but only by holding down the mouse button as you draw the path

Game Design / Programming: Nelson L
Level / Sound Design: Michael P
(We edited many of the sprites in the assets pack to suit our need)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorProdigalSon Games
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, christian, Cute, Ludum Dare 49, Mouse only, Short, Speedrun, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
LinksLudum Dare

Development log


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Great game! The 12th and 13th levels are very tricky!


Thanks! Blame the designer, he loves the brain busters :D 


Is there a way to make differently colored paths cross? I can't do it UI-wise, it will always think I want to shorten the path I move onto. If that's not possible, level 4 seems impossible to solve to me.


there is but you have to hold down the left mouse button as you move along and not click. Clicking tells the game you want to change tracks 

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Thanks, that worked. Before your answer, I clicked on each tile to choose it as the next one, now I see that dragging the mouse over the grid will also work and solves the crossing problem. Strangely, the click-solution worked with the level where you have to cross your same-colored track.


I need to spend more time on predicting the intentions of the player :) if you click on your own tile and it looks like a cross attempt it's easier to determine than if you click on someone else's path. But that is something I would like to address in the future. Thanks for playing!


Nice game, I usually don't ask for clarifications if I'm not interested. I did study the website, and I didn't find "dragging", ist just says "LMB". For me that means clicking, and it does work for 3 levels, so it becomes hard to understand that clicking is more of an "accidentally" working mode.

But interface design is complicated, again, the game looks and plays fantastically, I'll play more of it later.


This game feels great, so much polish! The music goes great with the theme, fits perfectly with the little raindrops. So many little things you don't notice at first that all fit together perfectly. Great puzzles too!