This project is inspired by the 2D series of the Legend of Zelda in which you use the sounds of music to defeat enemies, solves puzzles, and vanquish evil. As you collect more instruments the soundtrack changes to accommodate your new findings. Listen carefully and you may find some interesting sounds. 

So rather than saying "have fun playing" we will say "have a listen and we hope you enjoy ;)"


  • WASD/Arrows: Move
  • Left Mouse Button/Space: Main weapon
  • Right Mouse Button/E: Alternate weapon once you get them
  • Numbers 1, 2, and 3 : To switch alternate weapon


We did not have a graphics/level designer this time around and resolved to borrowing graphics from, the character generation site, as well as using early graphics from a previous unpublished title. 

Having said that, the programming, sound, and overall idea were conceived for the jam only. Our sound engineer did a fantastic job but sadly we were not able to incorporate all that he made. We aim to further looking into how this idea could be fleshed out into a full game

The project was going smoothly until we ran into strange bugs, changes not staying commit, and loss of functionality such as bombs no longer causing damage. Thus we decided to scale everything down to a "concept" entry and showcase the music and sounds built for it instead.

Source Code:

Install instructions

Unzip after download and run the .exe


Download 24 MB

Development log

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