Meet "Pow", she is a robot on a mission. Help her deliver a gizmo that activates any obstacle in its proximity. Be sure to keep an eye on the battery, as letting it empty could leave her stranded with no power.

How to play:

  • Carry the gizmo to activate everything
  • Use the recharging stations to power up the gizmo and create checkpoints
  • Feel free to leave the gizmo behind and Recall it when you need it
  • Hit "Q" to go back to the last checkpoint if you're stuck with a dead gizmo


  • Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Pick Up:  Hold Left Mouse Button / Spacebar
  • Drop: Release Left Mouse Button / Spacebar
  • Recall Gizmo: Right Mouse Button / R  (summons the gizmo to your location)
  • Reload Last Checkpoint: Q
  • Menu: ESC

More information

Published 112 days ago
Release date 113 days ago
AuthorsProdigalSon, Drums
Tags3D, Casual, Ludum Dare 39, puzzler, web
LinksLudum Dare