A downloadable game for Windows


You have been thrown into the depths of the kings dungeon for your crimes. Escape and climb your way to freedom by flinging yourself upward. Beware, as you will also be moving everything else!


  • Move: A & D
  • Pull Down Level: Drag Mouse Down OR Hold either Space, "S", or Down Arrow
  • Release Level: Release Mouse, Space, "S" or Down Arrow


  • Nelson: Programming
  • Michael: Graphic / Level Design
  • Chevy: 3D Models
  • Jesse: Music

Source Code:

We ran out of time to submit the WebGL version with the jam entry but still wanted to make it accessible for those who find it easier to play on the browser though we ask you use the Windows version in this entry when rating as the WebGL is submitted post jam.

HTML Versionhttps://prodigalson.itch.io/slingshot-dungeon-webgl


SlingshotDungeon.zip 28 MB

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